What People Say about To-Text Converter?

Find out what different various people say about Free OCR To-Text converter. How this tool was of real and effective use to people in a variety of situations.


What people say

It is excellent tool for reading text from images
Thank you it is a great tool for Arabic language
Better than installed software
Thank you
Mahmoud Abu Awwad
I collect historical texts from Asia and South-East Asia. This FineReader’s ability to extract text from scanned documents in Thai and Chinese is really helpful, as I can scan and create documents with much clearer characters and a white background.
To-Text converter assisted me greatly on writing my thesis! It would take a lifetime for me to retype large paragraphs from so many books and re-create the needed charts. A converter like this is truly a student’s best friend!!!
I work in the government commission and a service like To-Text really eases the work I do. We receive applications, statements, requests, letters of complaint, etc. that we have to store and reply to. With the help of this converter, I can easily store these documents electronically, copy certain parts of text in them and reply to inquiries via email with the document attached.

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